YT Kids? I say, “Keep off the moors!”

I’m hoping my “American Werewolf in London” reference was clear. Now, let’s talk about the Google app, YouTube Kids. This is an app that curates YouTube videos for children. My kids have been using the thing for probably a couple of years now and my wife and I monitor their viewing like a hawk. We’re not over their shoulders, but their activities are tracked via Disney’s Circle device and regular daddy surprise inspections.

During a short drive home, I let the girls play on their devices. Once home, we entered the domicile and as my eldest took off her shoes, I glanced at her screen. I had to rub my eyes because I could have sworn I saw a drag queen on the show she was watching. Now, some of the YouTubers today are pretty animated characters, so I wasn’t jumping to any conclusions.

“What are you watching?” I asked.

“A YouTuber I follow.”

“Which one is the YouTuber?” She pointed to the one I’d assume was an actual girl. “Who’s the other person?” I asked.

“That’s a guest, her name is Kitty Powers.”

“Is that a girl or… a man dressed as a girl?” She looked confused.

“A girl? She sounds like a girl.”

“Okay, sweets. Let me do some research first. Why don’t you get off the device and go play with your sister?” I sat down and did some very slight digging. This “Kitty Powers” is a male game developer named Rich Franke. He’s got quite an impressive video game resume, and the Kitty Powers character was created to launch Rich’s first independent game “Kitty Powers Matchmaker” which is a dating simulation.

Is the guy a “legit” drag queen? Shoot, I don’t know, and I don’t much care, but I do know he didn’t sound like a girl. That’s not something I want my young children seeing mostly because they don’t have the experience or development to understand this kind of “marketing”. That’s in quotes because it’s obvious that it goes beyond marketing and into indoctrination; but indoctrination into what?

YouTube. Can you pick out Kitty Powers?

Kitty Powers is a symptom of societal sickness, especially in the left-leaning tech scene. These tech giants like Facebook, Google and most video game producers are oozing liberal (unless the discussion is about taking their money, then they’re as conservative as Ft. Knox). They are brazen when it comes to enforcing their liberal company policies (see James Damore), which, obviously, is backfiring (see Tim Chevalier). You can’t play ball with liberals because there’s no forgiveness in the mob.

What you end up with is the creepy Kitty Powers on the screens of 9-year-olds (and younger). Why? Well, it’s something my wife and I were expecting: in a society of relativists, one can’t call things “appropriate” or “inappropriate” for kids, since those labels are constructs of the cisgenderheteronormative fascist patriarchal hierarchy. Just try to argue with them, I dare you. I do it as part of my job and it accomplishes nothing.

I harbor no hate for anyone in the LGBTQ… community, or those who represent them, like the Kitty Powers character; but, this is a Catholic blog, by a Catholic man, shouting to Catholics, “Assassins in our midst!” Again, I knew it was coming. It’s here; the tech giants must sleep in the beds they made, and it’s proving as awkward as getting short-sheeted by your baby brother. Mark my words, things will get worse with the media that our kids are consuming, so be vigilant.

Polygon. The real Kitty Powers, Rich Franke.

My daughter thought a thinly-veiled masking of a man’s voice as a woman’s, was, indeed, a woman’s voice. I could tell immediately that it was not. I’m the parent, that’s my job. As media and tech continues to desensitize our kids to the unnatural, unholy abominations of the left, we must be ready to drive home their education (and make home where they’re educated, if possible); we must fortify our walls.

I taught my daughters that day about some of the illnesses in this world, including illnesses of identity. I haven’t uninstalled YouTube Kids on either device because, since that day, neither child has had the desire to be on it. I will be trashing the app, because I know temptation is a beast, but for now, I’m proud of them. As with manners and guns, a little training goes a long way; a lot of training goes a long, long way. “There’s no such thing as tough. There’s trained and untrained” (Man on Fire).

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